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Living in the period of time when everything you touch is pure technology and when everything you see is gone in a second, when everything you’ve just become accustomed to is already replaced by something “better“, more „up to date“, „different“, it’s then you need an emotion. You need to feel tucked in and to know you have something you can always count on, something you can always come back to, something you love.

You need warmth, love and tradition. You need Nectar.

Nectar is every seed sawn on our fields where we pick the most succulent flavors and send them to your home.

Nectar is not a brand. Nectar is more than brand. Nectar is family.

It’s an emotion you share with your child, your family, your friends. It’s the feeling of warmth that overwhelms you when you come home and slip under a soft blanket after a rough day. Nectar is your family friend whom you share everything good, beautiful, delicious, but also sad, unexpected and surprising with. Nectar is not just fruit, or merely vegetables poured in a packaging. Nectar is all this love we put into picking that fruit.

„The best in Serbia“ recognition

Our company has been pronounced the best brand in Serbia a couple of years in a row. The prestigious accolade came from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia under the name “The best in Serbia“. We were awarded in two categories – the best corporate brand and the best brand in the category ’beverages’ for “Nectar Family“. We got the accolade principally thanks to the consumers’ votes who were satisfied by Nectar group’s rich selection.


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