About us

For two decades of doing business we’ve grown from a small entrepreneur venture to a leader company that has spread beyond the borders of Serbia.

More than 1000 people are employed in our company, and family spirit, warmth and team energy are still present. We are the only company in the region that has entirely full circle manufacturing: from cooperation with farmers and buying fruit, to production and final outcome – finished goods like juices, nectars, alcoholic beverages, jams. We always advance our operations by strengthening the direct distributive network, developing new products and constantly caring about their top quality.

The philosophy “It does matter” has very much influenced the attitude towards ourselves: in life everything matters, even the juice you drink. Year on year we’ve been with you and by your side, and the priceless support and confidence you give us shed the light on the path of good taste.

Nectar family

Twenty years ago we made modest steps, but with great desire, vision and knowledge. Soon we saw the fruit of our work, so we added another factory to the one in Backa Palanke, where everything began, this time in Vladicin Han.

With years, our family has grown and become richer: “Heba” from Bujanovac, and “Fructal” from Skopje, Ajdovscina and Kamnik have rounded off our family from Vardar to Triglav.

From 10 000 small farms we diligently and carefully pick the best fruit for you, because you are not clients, you are friends. There are 26.5 million of you across 50 countries, and we have deserved the trust of each and one of you with quality, honesty and good, recognizable taste of our fruit.


With our example and innovative strategies we have been setting standards on the whole market and we’ve been raising the bar to the higher level.Nectar’s been consistently following its leader vision, which is why we are trying to cater to the needs of even the pickiest with the wide selection of best quality tastes, wrapped in an attractive and modern packaging.

Our company from founding to jubilee

Quality guarantee

Our philosophy fits in 5 words: It’s not all the same. It means that to us the satisfaction of our friends and customers comes first, and it is guaranteed by one thing only – world-class quality of products. ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 may seem like random combinations of letters and numbers, but to us those are standards that we are obligated to fulfill, but also to exceed because that’s exactly how we keep your trust.

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