Both counselling center and center for in-vitro fertilization are open

Two counselling centers for in-vitro fertilization were opened today in Health Centers Savski Venac and Novi Beograd, as well as Center for in-vitro fertilization within the building Beogradjanka. Counselling centers and Center for in-vitro fertilization were founded by the Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia, together with Nectar company Foundation „It does matter“.

Minister of Health Zlatibor Loncar attended the opening of counselling center at Health center „Savski venac” and on that occassion stated that around 2.000 babies were born yearly by using in-vitro fertilization and that the state took numerous steps in order to help couples who couldn’t become parents naturally. The state pays for three IVF attempts, the age boundary is raised from 40 to 42 years and everything is done for the goal of increasing birth rate. „We had procedures to make egg cells and sperm bank and we made it. At that moment, another issue occured – not enough donors. We made a decision to provide money in the following year for women who would donate their egg cells„ stated minister.

„Our mission in Nectar is to provide support and give concrete contribution to  better society through projects of our Foundation. It does matter that the theme of birth rate in Serbia is on going for so long. Every sixth couple in Serbia has a trouble of conceiving a child. That is why we have been trying for several years to help create conditions for as many couples as possible to become parents. We renovated the department for in-vitro fertilization at GAK in cooperation with our main partner in this project – Ministry Of Health. We want to help all the interested citizens to get all the necessary information, adequate medical help and psychological support with the final goal of increasing the birth rate in Serbia.

We thank all partners in this project – The Ministry of Health, Association „Chance for parenthood“ and Center for medical health. We have also created a Guide for in-vitro fertilization which has been printed in 10 thousand copies and will be distributed into all health centers across Serbia, at ginecology departments. Our next step is to provide vehicle with which qualified persons will be able to reach even the smallest places in Serbia, to all those whom this information or expertise is not so easily accessible – stated Mihailo Janković, Nectar group General Manager.

“The center for in-vitro fertilization will mean a lot to couples from all around Serbia. They will be able to get information on healing infertility in one place – by dialing free national info number: 0800 333 030. Until now, we have had around 400 calls from all around Serbia. Within the Center for in-vitro fertilization couples will be able to get free psychological help, to participate in various workshops, look for advice and experience of other couples within different activities we’ll organise. Center is the place of all of us facing the infertility problems. We are partners within this project of Ministry of Health and Nectar company and we do believe that with our devotion we’ll contribute to improvement of healing conditions in Serbia. This is certainly the big step for all of us- pointed out Sandra Jovanovic, on behalf of Association Chance for parenthood.

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