100% squeezed apple and peach

When you wish for a real summer flavor on your palate, for the thick freshness of the irresistible peach, peach and apple squeezed juice is the choice that will take you back to that lazy summer day when you carelessly ate peaches on a swing, while its nectar was trickling down your fingers. Peach and apple squeezed juice is a real summer pleasure even in the cold days, when all we wish for is warmth and summer scents.

Product details

Squeezed apple and peach

Available in 750ml packaging.

Pulpy apple and peach fruit juice fortified with vitamin C.

High in vitamin C.

Shake before use.

Store in a clean, dry and cool place protected from freezing and direct sunlight.

Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within three days.

Best used before the date printed on the top of the packaging.

Made with:

the Apple

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