Clinical trial has confirmed that Heba Strong mineral water releases harmful substances

Heba company held a press conference where they presented a clinical trial which confirmed that Heba Strong mineral water significantly helps detoxing the organism, i.e. releasing harmful substances from the body.

In the congenial atmosphere of the Hyde park restaurant, doctor Nina Bulajic, a respectable microbiologist, explained how the trial showed that the 750 ml daily intake of Heba Strong water increases antioxidant capacity of the body, decreases oxidative stress and increases alkaline reserve (pH) in the body. All of that combined enables the body to function better, and it gives us a feeling of strength and freshness. Talking to the conference host Danijela Buzurovic, doctor Bulajic also specified all long-term advantages of body detoxification, as are immune system boosting, skin rejuvenation, better thinking etc.

The event was completed by special guests, choreographer Milan Gromlic and his dance group which showed the fight between antioxidants and harmful substances in the body with their exquisite dance performance, Igor Rakocevic, famous basketball player and vice president of the Basketball League of Serbia, explained how much the detoxification is important for sports players, and he also talked about the long-term cooperation between Heba company and the Basketball league. Djura fiskultura demonstrated with short, relaxing exercises how important exercising is for the body detoxification.

Mina Tadic, the marketing director of the Nectar group, within which Heba is doing business, said: “I’m proud to say that Heba mineral water has been pleasing its customers with its quality, but also its beneficial effect for over 40 years.

The clinical trial recently conducted proved that Heba Strong significantly helps with body detoxification, i.e. releasing the harmful substances from the body. The trial confirmed that daily intake of 750 ml of Heba Strong water, enables the body to function better, and it gives us the feeling of strength and freshness.

As a company that’s doing business responsibly and transparently, we want to make a practice of publicly presenting clinical trials of mineral (bottled) waters. By doing that, the consumers would be certain of their quality and health values at any given moment.

So keep enjoying out Heba mineral water and be a sip younger.

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