Mihailo Janković, director of Nectar group, won the prestigious award for promotion and development of youth leadership

    Mihailo Janković, director of the Nectar Group, won the prestigious Young Leadership Excellence Award at the last night’s SAM GALA annual award at the Bel Expo Center.


    Within the annual awards ceremony to the most prominent managers of the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM), which brings together over 400 members, executives of successful companies and teams of over 90,000 employees who annually realize a 12 billion euros worth deal, Mihalo received the award for an outstanding contribution to the promotion of leadership among young people.


    In the explanation of the award it was emphasized that Mihailo Jankovic contributed to the professional and personal development of young people through a series of mentoring programs for young people and cooperation with the largest educational institutions in the country, with his rich professional experience, engagement and leadership.


    „I am particularly proud of this prestigious award at the very end of this important year for Nectar, the year in which we completed our first 20 years of business. The basis of our success lies in domestic fruits and domestic talents, domestic innovation and domestic creativity. We consider that it is very imprtant to grow, nourish and develop a talent. And that’s why I’m particularly proud and it does metter to me when I see that this is also visible outside of the Nectar. Thank you on behalf of all our talents and believe that successes are just ahead of us“, said Mihailo Janković.

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