Mystery in the mall!

    All those who were in the shopping center “Ušće” yesterday were quite surprised what was happening. Huge pineapples, apples and oranges approached passers-by right from nowhere and offered free hugs, or the opportunity for the passers-by to squeeze them out. This was happening throughout the afternoon, and the reaction of the passersby were different: some were completely surprised, others accepted the call to the embrace in a moment, the third only walked … Over time, passers-by have become accustomed to the presence of unusual creatures, so the whole event turned out to be a little festive embrace and a good mood.

    This is actually the promotion of the new line Life 100% juices. We launched 4 new varieties of 100% juice, created to refresh during hot summer days and tropical nights: squeezed apple, squeezed apple with peach, orange with pulp and exotic trio with pulp. Watch the video HERE.

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