Nectar awarded for the best corporate brand in Serbia

Belgrade, 28. November 2019 – When it comes to traditional Serbian Chamber of Commerce

award “The best from Serbia”, Nectar was the double winner in even two categories. Nectar was awarded for the best corporate brand in Serbia, while Life raspberry from Arilje was awarded with prestigious award for the best brand with geographical origin.

“THE BEST FROM SERBIA” came in a year in which, as domestic company, special attention was given to promotion and development of quality Serbian food, socially responsible and sustainable business. It does matter to us what an environment we create. That is why special care was dedicated to development of organic manufacturing, the opening of the largest organic plantation in Serbia, contributing to extra value for Serbian economy and positive differentiation at global market through protection of geographic origin of Arilje raspberry and cherry from Oblačinka area, as well as socially responsible and sustainable management through founding our It does matter Foundation. Our goal was to contribute to better society for us and our kids through our joint effort. “We are proud and thankful that our wider community and consumers, together with our partners, recognize it” – pointed out Mina Tadić, Director of Nectar Group Corporate Affairs, upon receiving the award.

Serbian Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Republic of Serbia, for the fourteenth time this year, had a role to choose with the help of consumers, experts and business partners, the most successful corporate brand on our market as well as the best manifestations, organic products, startup businesses and touristic accommodations. Since 2004. even 336 winners were awarded with “The best from Serbia” award, in the main category. This award became criteria for success, reputation and market distinction.

In the previous 20 years, Nectar brought about billion dollars of euros gross added value in Serbia, supported 5.500 job openings in the value system, built over 30 brands and is absolute leader with 22% market share in the regional juice market. Nectar believes that formula for success consists of: being the company that cherishes family values and IT DOES MATTER philosophy of doing business.

Since its foundation 1998. until today with the same ownership structure – 100% in the family Radun ownership. Nectar is doing business in the whole region, has 6 factories in Serbia, North Macedonia and Slovenia and within Nectar group there are also Heba and Fructal besides Nectar.

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