Social Responsibility

We have been constantly striving to advance the society in which we’re doing business and  whom our products are meant to. We’ve been trying to direct our activities towards improving our citizens’ positions through socially responsible actions, to recognize the needs of our community and to efficiently act in fulfilling those needs, in accordance with our possibilities.

It does matter with babies on the way

We have started the campaing by donating 26 million dinars for equiping, reconstruction and adaptation of the Artificial technology ward (artificial insemination ward) in Obstetrics &Gynaecology Clinic Narodni Front and by doing so we enabled tripling the number of couples who will be able to undergo artificial insemination in their own country.

Earth day on Savski kej

On the account of the Earth day, there’s been an afforestation action, sponsored by “Story” magazine and in collaboration with Public Utility Company Gradskozelenilo. As friends of the project, numerous companies took part, one of them being Nectar. Ten willows and Japanese plums were planted out in Block 44 near SavskiKej in New Belgrade.

The goal of the action was raising public awareness about the significance of protection and preservation of the environment for the generations to come.

With the preservation of the environment and socially responsible behavior being a part of our “It does matter” philosophy, we have also planted a Japanese plum tree and gave our contribution. Doing this, we have become a part of the global community, which will celebrate “Green day” with a string of actions.

We achieved the goal

Our action “IT DOES MATTER WITH BABIES ON THE WAY” has finally achieved its goal- which is opening the reconstructed Artificial insemination ward in Obstetrics &Gynaecology Clinic “Narodni Front”.

The ward was officially opened on 26 October, 2017. by the “Narodni Front” representatives, Ministry of Health and our company, in the presence of numerous media. With its action, Nectar donated 25 million dinars and in that way helped the complete reconstruction of the Artificial insemination ward. With that, the bank for reproductive cells was acquired, where embryos of the couples who didn’t succeed in becoming parents the first time will be stored. The campaign IT DOES MATTER WITH BABIES ON THE WAY was supported by everyone who believes in family and who thinks that children are the greatest treasure and the only future worth unquestionably investing in. The result of our ‘little effort’ will be a lot of couples undergoing artificial insemination, right here, in their own country. In accordance with our philosophy and nurturing family values, it’s never going to be all the same when our posterity is in question.

Children’s smiles make it does matter

A great social action “Collect caps for laughs” has reached Nectar, an action where bottle caps are collected and later sold in order to buy equipment for the disabled children. The employees have been actively helping and donating bottle caps, and on Nectar premises more than 1000 bottle caps are collected monthly. Backa Palanka factory donated more than 25000 bottle caps. Besides this, we are present at every formal handing of the equipment to kids by offering refreshments for all the visitors, so the collaboration is continued, improved and more valued.

We celebrated New Year with the young without parents

As a socially responsible company, we always strive to take care of the socially endangered groups of people, so last year we gave our presents to the young wards of “The House of Possibilities” in Belgrade and made their holidays better. Center for social integration of kids and young “Zvezda” is a group of citizens whose goal is to promote fostering, helping the older children without parents who are in the centers, and helping those who are preparing for the independent lives after going out of the social protection system. Our little effort means a lot to them, their gratitude is immense so as a gift we got two handmade Christmas tree decorations and souvenirs that we proudly decorated our own tree with.


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