The best manager in 2019– Mihailo Janković, CEO Nectar group

Mihailo Janković, CEO „Nectar group“,  was awarded with prestigious award for manager of the year at the last night SAM GALA award ceremony in Belexpo center, which has been traditionally organised by Serbian Association of Managers since 2012. The most successful managers were awarded.

„I am honoured that this profession chose me for the manager of the year, in the organisation of the association I truly appreciate for the value it represents and integrity it has. This is award for an individual but also behind every success there is one team standing. This is the reason why I share this prestigious recognition with my team and feel both gratitude and responsibility toward 1.300 employees in the company I lead, toward owners that confided in me, toward our partners“, said Mihailo Janković upon receiving award but he also stated the following:


„It is my great honour to stand here in front of more than 400 top managers and therefore let me ask you few questions instead of sending a message for the end of this speech– do we all together work enough on the skills development? Skills that would be necessary in the future. Do we share enough knowledge and develop our people, young generations? Does each and every one of us inspire people to create business environment we want for us in the future….This matter is worth thinking about and I know we can do so much more together…“


Mihailo Janković has been CEO of “Nectar group” since 2016, in which structure “Nectar”, “Heba”, “Fructal” and “Bio Panon do business (joint venture project with Global Seed company). With more than 18 years work experience on key leading positions at renowned multinational and domestic corporations, he significantly contributed to “Nectar group” being even more successful in the past few years. He also contributed to Nectar having, in year 2018, 107 millions consolidated incomes and being an absolute leader on regional (ex Yu) market with over 23% share and export in 60 countries all over the world.


Nectar group provided income of + 3% in 2019. vs. last year, by expanding its business at four new markets. Profitability growth of + 13% was achieved in the area of finished goods.


About SAM year awards

Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) has been rewarding, for eight years now, the best managers, enterpeneurs, companies, individuals and initiatives which advocate improving business environment. Gala night, regarding SAM annual awards gathered around 400 guests from business, political, diplomatic, cultural and media life of Serbia and region. SAM gathers over 450 professional managers who manage teams over 70.000 employees who make annual turnover of 10 billions euros.

In the past 20 years, Nectar company achieved over billion euros gross added value in Serbia, supported 5.500 job openings in value system, built over 30 brands and was an absolute leader with 22% market share at regional juice market. Nectar believes that formula for success is : being a company which nourishes family values and IT DOES MATTER philosophy of doing business.

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