UEPS 2018 – New four awards for the Nectar company

    One of the most striking marketing campaigns since the beginning of the year is certainly the one that shook the whole country, but also the region. Before the Belgrade elections, the country was flooded by green billboards with the image of the adored actor, Andrija Milosevic. Messages next to his face and number “20” insinuated that he would change his role and go from acting to politics. A couple of weeks later it was revealed that Nectar company, who celebrated two decades of successful work in 2018, was behind the campaign and that all general political messages were streamed into the values that Nectar has been representing for already 20 years. It than became clear to everyone that it does matter what kind of choices we make in life, and the campaign won a series of awards. The double crowns at the IAB MIXX and the regional competition of digital campaign SoMo Borac in Rovinj, respectively golden Sempler at the regional media Sempl festival in Portoroz, have determined its quality.

    At the end of the year, at the traditional UEPS event, the oldest marketing professional association that exists for almost six decades, the campaign “Nectar – For 20 Years it does matter!” has recorded new successes. In the category of Integrated Campaign – Drink, the company is awarded with a silver award, while in the competition for the best online marketing campaigns it is awarded with bronze. In this way, it has been reaffirmed that Nectar preserves the limits … of good taste and does not make the rotten coalitions … but its products are made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

    During the traditional UEPS Day, two more brands of Nectar won their recognition. The Booster energy drink made a unique step on our raffs, releasing Booster with a taste of honey. Under the slogan “Booster – More energy, more hun!”, consumers had the opportunity to see a recognizable brand mascot Boosterd in a new light. The new taste was accompanied by a new can design. The silly Booster with new taste became MAD, and the can that contains it has a black-yellow bee color. For this project, Booster won the most awarded Silver Award in the Best Product and Industrial Design category.

    We are also proud that our new squeezed Life Juices in redesigned PET packaging have won bronze award in the category of creating a brand – packaging and industrial design.

    With this award, Nectar has won the biggest number of awards this year!

    With positive emotions and new enthusiasm, we are going to the next year because IT DOES MATTER!

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