Nectar Tomatello

Our plantations are covered by vast red fields of domestic tomatoes, and only the best end up in Tomatello, the unavoidable part of every meal.

Nectar is the only company that can brag about the fact that from our fields to your tables comes 100% our, domestic product, whose authentic taste is the biggest quality and hard-work guarantee. We pick only the freshest and most succulent products for you, naturally ripened in an intact natural environment.

Nectar Tomatello will color and complete every dish at your family feast: amazing Bolognese, succulent lasagnas or wonderfully simmered stuffed paprikas…

Why don’t we import tomatoes, but plant them?

We are the leading company in the production and processing of the domestic tomatoes. We can boast about our own fields of domestic tomatoes, which are one of the biggest in Serbia and region. We do not import tomato paste or concentrate, we have a full circle production process of this vegetable, from field to table.

For many years, Nectar has been one of the biggest manufacturers and fruit and vegetable processors in the region. A special place in the company portfolio take the products that contain tomatoes.

They are made exclusively out of domestic tomatoes that we grow on our own fields, which take around 100 hectares. A couple of years ago, Nectar invested in significant resources for the tomato processing factory with the daily capacity of 600 tons of raw material. This is the first and only tomato processing factory in Serbia and also in the region.

Discover your favorite Tomatello and find out more about it!

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