Free national number for in vitro fertilization has been activated

The Ministry of Health and “It does matter” foundation of Nectar company have officially presented today free national number for in vitro fertilization. Free national number 0800 333 030 within the Center for in vitro fertilization is active from today. Via this free national  number all Republic of Serbia citizens who need any kind of advice or information about the in vitro process in Serbia, treatments, necessary documents etc. will be able to get free support as well as all the answers to their questions from the society “Chance for parenthood”. The mental health center within the in vitro fertilization center will provide also the psychological support. The number is available on workdays 09-20h.

The clinic for in vitro fertilization will be founded in two community Health centers in Belgrade by the end of the year, and later across Serbia as well. The project is supported by Ministry and It does matter foundation. The guide with clear steps for in vitro fertilization is also created. The guide will be distributed in community Health centers across the country, and vehicles with team of doctors will be provided as well. The doctors will be able to go around smaller places and provide all the necessary health support from this area.

Every sixth couple in Serbia has problem to get children naturally. European week of (IN) fertility is marked this year 4-11. November and has the goal to inform citizens about the infertility problem, as well as raising awareness and support policy with the aim to solve inequality of available procedures for curing infertility across the Europe, which gives this project greater significance. The Ministry of Health marks this year Week of (In)fertility with this project.

It does matter foundation of Nectar company, together with the Ministry of Health initiated the project of raising the level of information and advice availability and experience within the in vitro fertilization process. As the successful company from Serbia, Nectar wants to be actively involved in the process of creating conditions for increasing birth rate together with the Ministry of Health which contributed efficiently so far, to enhancing conditions for in vitro fertilization in Serbia.

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