Promotion Of Protected Geo Origin In Serbia Finds Its Way Toward Diferentiation On A Global Market

    For the first time in Serbia, GEO origin is protected – for Oblačina cherry and Arilje raspberry. It was said, today, at the promotion of this unique project that this way conditions were made for clear and positive Serbian products differentiation on the global market which added value not only to raw materials but to economy and finished products as well. The project was realized due to International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), Ministry of Agriculture, relevant Associations, Organisation for food and United Nation agriculture and Nectar company – regional leader in the juices production.

    “In the last few years FAO worked on introduction and promotion of protected denotation GEO food origin in Serbia, together with EBRD, Ministry of Agriculture, Institute for Intelectual Property, small and large manufactures, such as Nectar company. GEO denotation can inhale new life to local economies by encouraging rural development and creating new job opportunities, especially for the young. They make agricultural- alimentary supply chains more inclusive, by connecting young manufacturers of quality products with large companies”, announced Emanuel Hidier, senior economist and United Nations food and agriculture Organisation PDO expert.

    “Consumers are more and more demanding nowadays, they want to know where their food comes from and are ready to pay more for quality and authenticity. It leads to continuous GEO product sector growth which on the global level has yearly volume sales of around 50 milliards of euros (wide known examples of champagnes in the region Champagne in France or parmesan in Italy). By supporting this project we wish to help Serbia position on the global market with quality products, to reach higher price and larger competitiveness. IBRD is huge agricultural partner in Serbia in which over 700 millions of euros has been invested so far. “The strategy for this sector will be presented at the following event in Belgrade” said Miljan Ždrale, IBRD chief of agricultural sector for Central and East Europe. He also announced the largest regional conference within the organization EBRD Consumer Rules Summit, which will be held on 30. September and . October in the Hilton hotel in Belgrade.

    “The logical sequence of Nectar path is the entrance into the GEO protection project. We, the family company, do care about where our fruit comes from and from which sort and quality is made of. We have instantly recognized the protection value of raw materials and promotion of domestic fruit. We want to accelerate competition on the global marker and responsibly approach to consumers’ requests. We have always been pioneers in the promotion of new trends. As the leaders in the certification category and production of our Arilje raspberry and Oblačina sour cherry, we created a finished product which has added value, but not only for us as manufacters, but also for the entire chain- from raw materials to packaging, promotion, distribution, shelves. In the grounds of that chain is the local community and culture and therefore we supported the establishment of the Arilje raspberry and Oblačinka sour cherry Associatio” – stated General Manager of Nectar group, Mihailo Jankovic.

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