The award for the project of national significance

By donating 25 million dinars Nectar company helped with complete reconstruction of the Artificial insemination ward in Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic Narodni Front. With that, the bank for reproductive cells was acquired, where embryos of the couples who didn’t succeed in becoming parents the first time will be stored.

Nectar Company was handed a special jury award of the Serbian manager association for the project of national significance “It’s not all the same with babies on the way” which encouraged social changes and drew attention of the wider public to the birth rate problems that Serbia is dealing with.

In Serbia, which takes first place as a European country with lowest birth rates, every third couple that decides to have an offspring can’t do so. As a family company, the Nectar company decided to concretely contribute to the growth of the birth rates in Serbia and help with family extension.

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